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-How did you decide being an artist was right for you?
actually being an artist is what i've always done/been since childhood.  I took a few detours into other fields along the way, but making art, specifically comic books is in my blood.  I can't not do it.

-Where (What) do you draw inspiration from?
Generally i can get inspired from anything... lyrics of a song, a scene in a movie, to the cracks in the sidewalk or the way ivy grows on the side of a building.  Ideas are alway swirling around in my head to the point that i have to carry a little notebook with me to write them down in.  One specific thing that really inspires/motivates me are the artists that i think are better than me.  I'm always striving to reach a higher level with my artwork so I study the work of those that have the kind of success I'd like to have. 

-Where would you like to see your career end up?
I'd like to have a collection of stories and art work that holds to the test of time and spans all reading levels that inspires other creators the way that i have been inspired.

-What are your tools of the trade?

the stuff you can find on my at all times are a mars staedtler lead holder with 2H lead and my sharpener, a click eraser, a kneaded eraser, 11x17 comic board and a medium size circle template that is also my straight edge for lines

-What historical figure would you choose to have lunch with?
Andrew Carnegie, the man was a genius at business, i'd love to pick his brain.

-If you could have a suit that would let you walk on another planet or the bottom of the ocean which would you choose?

Good question... I love adventure and the prospects of exploring the unknown so if i can't choose both, i guess i'd go with the bottom of the ocean.  I'm starting to get into underwater stuff right now so that would work out well i think.

What are some dream projects for you?
I have 4 batman short stories i plan to get off the ground for DC, Spiderman and X-men stories to tell for Marvel, a Fathom story for Aspen and of course a massive amount of stuff for myself.  Right now though, finishing my new comic book series, "The Thief of Hearts" is my main goal.  After that I have both a children's fantasy story and a modern day spy action story lined up. 

-Who would you really like to collaborate with?
Ooo big question since i pull double duty as a writer and artist but i'd like to write for David Finch and Jim Lee on some of the above mentioned Batman books.  As an artist I'd like to collaborate with inkers Joe Weems V and Scott Williams, colorists, Alex Sinclair, Steve Firchow and Peter Steigerwald and I plan to get J. Scott Campbell and Joe Mad! to draw covers for The Thief of Hearts for me.

-Tequila...Good or Great?
I'm actually a vodka guy, but after 4 or 5[pints, of either] I'm great!

J. Wichmann is the writer/artist of the new adventure/romance digital comic series "The Thief of Hearts"  Available to download now for your iPhone, iPad, Desktop and Android devices from Studio J and
-How did you decide being a wrestler  was right for you?
When I saw Iron Mike Sharpe beat Barry Horowitz, I knew that I wanted to be a pro wrestler
-Where (What) do you draw inspiraton from?

My inspiration comes from my uncle the legendary Max Moon. His wrestling attire was from the farthest galaxy.

-Where would you like to see your career end up?
A place that doesn't discriminate against robots, it's been hard to find work as of late.

-What are your tools of the trade?
Break dancing and funky fresh wrestling moves.

-What historical igure would you choose to have lunch with?
  Joseph F. Engelberger

.-If you could have a suit and ride to walk on another planet or the bottom of the ocean which would you choose?

Since I have already come from and visited other planets I would choose the bottom of the ocean so long as I don't get wet.

\-What are some dream projects for you?
Shockwave The Robot meets WCW's Shockmaster The Movie.

-Who would you really like to collaborate with?

..  Mantuar

SHOCKWAVE THE ROBOT is a break dancing wrestling robot and his matches can be seen live around the world as well as on youtube and
Shockwave the robot comics 
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-How did you decide being an artist was right for you?
I found a copy of SECRET WARS #4 at a firehouse garage sale as a lad and loved all the characters and interactions. I started by drawing thier weapons since Drawing people was tough, then I started practicing and reading books on drawing comics and never fell out of love. I can't go to bed at night unless I have drawn something for the day.

-Where (What) do you draw inspiraton from?
  Everything but comics. but I get inspired by anything I come across that looks or is conceptually cool then think about how I can apply that to a comic story or twist it to become a part of my artistic approach. There is a direct and heavy influence from old super hero comics and cartoons as well as anime and the Twilight Zone in everything I do though.

-Where would you like to see your career end up?
  Having a couple of my projects picked up for other media would be the bees knees. Not only because I am a fan of TV, movies, games and toys and all the rest but it would be nice if a property was sucessful enough to  give me the income flow to sit and produce indie books. Though my career would not be complete untill I Have worked on some of the Marvel and DC books that I love reading.

-What are your tools of the trade?
I just use a cheapie mechanical pencil. All my inking is with different size markers. Nothing fancy.Photoshop for effects and colors. I consider myself a storyteller and penciler. In the end I would like to have passionate and skilled inkers and colorists doing my stuff. Right now I am jack of all trades out of need and budget. I do enjoy inking and coloring but to turn work over more quickly and make it look better I would like to be able to focus on pencils so for now I keep inking and colors and quick and efficient as I can.
-What historical figure would you choose to have lunch with?
Abe Lincoln. Just Lunch though. Skip the movies. If its a date we can make it Joan of Arc. She was Bat $#!T crazy, and would be on par with most of my historical dinner and a movie dates. Ben Franklin and Davinci would also be awesome to sit and pick thier brains.Not Just smart but thier Timeless wisdom set all these fellas apart.

-If you could have a suit and ride to walk on another planet or the bottom of the ocean which would you choose?
  Ocean. Lots of creepy stuff down there. Its incredible that there is so much undiscovered stuff right on our own planet.

-What are some dream projects for you?
I would like to get my hands on HACK SLASH. Marvels Apocalypse or HULK as Mister Fixit. DC, Blue Devil I feel could be very cool and I always liked Green Lantern and Hawkman, OR a Bat Villian book. Outside of the major stuff I would like to reboot Addams Family or Thnundarr the Barbarian. I feel like i could do some Super cool stuff witht those properties. Of course Twilight Zone would be a dream.

-Who would you really like to collaborate with?
Lady GaGa. I would shag her rotten..uh  I mean We could probably do a really cool book based on her character concepts...

-Tequila...Good or Great?

Great Question..You almost made me spill my shot of tequila.

Peter Sefcik Comic Artist, Head of Catatomic Studios Publisher of the OMEGA CHAPTERS and more.